Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions | Sissie Hair Salon - Cambridge, MA

Fully licensed, Sissie Hair Salon offers you a comprehensive range of salon services. We have many options for services and we are confident that we will meet and exceed your needs and expectations. The main products we use at our salon are Affirm Keracare, which can be used with all types of hair. We carry and use only the highest quality products when it comes to working on your hair. Call today for information on dreadlock extensions!

While some online boutiques offer hair extension do-it-yourself kits, experts agree you should first go to a professional salon to first have your hair extensions applied.

We at Sissie Hair Salon will make sure the hair extensions are the right texture and color, whether you choose synthetic or natural hair for your hair extensions. We also offer extensions for clients with short hair.

Styling is important with hair extensions. Rather than just put them in and go, our stylists can make sure of a perfect blend that will make the extensions as natural and live-in as you want.

Hair extensions, depending on the type, your hair growth rate, and the way they were installed and cared for, can last about six months. We offer a variety of methods for installing your new extensions, including:

• Hand tied or hair weaving
• Fusion method using glue or tape
• Clip on and metal rings

You deserve to feel special and Sissie Hair Salon can make it happen with a new look! When you come to our salon, you are sure to find what you are looking for. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we promise to deliver the best services and the look that you deserve.

We carry a wide assortment of salon products for your general hair care needs and those specifically meant to improve the look and life of your hair extensions. Our range of salon services and skills will please everyone, as will the new, glamorous look we’ll provide you through hair extensions.

Our hair extensions are of the highest quality and are professionally styled by our own hair dressers. Any length, color, and look can be achieved with our high-quality extensions. Come in and see for yourself why we are one of the most trusted names in the hair care business. Or call us for an appointment with one of our hair extensions specialists at at (617) 923-0521.